Apr. 14th, 2017

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Title: Infiltrating the Nest

Author: [personal profile] bleedingangel84 

Beta: None

Pairing: Ron/Draco

Rating: PG

Warnings: Femmeslash, Pre-slash, Angst, Language

Word Count: 365

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction created for fun and no profit has been made.

Written for [community profile] hogwarts365  Prompt #187-Song prompt: Seven Lonely Days ~ Patsy Cline [Open to interpretation]; Oceanography; Hawkshead Attacking Formation

Notes: I hope readers enjoy this little bit of Ron/Draco. The two of them took over my brain when I saw these prompts. I played a little loose with the song one, but I do Ron demonstrated the loneliness implied in the song, and I referenced him listening to sad music, and you really don’t get sadder than country, so I think that’s what he was listening to. In any case, I think it works well enough. I happen to love country music, so please don’t think I meant my comments in a negative way. Apologies for this long-winded note, and please do feel free to tell me what you think.

Summary: Draco tries to cheer a heartbroken Ron up.

Ron/Draco )


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