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Title: Riding Lessons

Author: [personal profile] bleedingangel84

Beta: None

Rating: PG

Warnings: Sexual suggestion

Word Count: 206

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction created for fun and no profit has been made. Rights belong to the respective creators.

Notes: Written just because I could not seem to help myself. Apologies if it’s terribly lame, but I hope readers enjoy.

Written for: prompt # 55 at dove_drabbles -Go on, live a little; JMDC # 134-turn it around

Summary: Harry and Draco go for a ride.

Riding Lessons

“Draco, what if I fall off? What if I break something important?”

“Harry, remember, you are a wizard. And Pegasus is as gentle as can be. I wouldn’t give you a wild ride your first time.”

“That’s not true. You definitely gave me a wild ride our first time.”

“Yes, but you were riding me at the time. And that didn’t turn out so bad, did it? Neither will this. You’ve ridden a dragon, for Merlin’s sake. A horse ought to be child’s play. Go ahead love, live a little.”

“Okay. But don’t make fun of me, or I’ll hex your legs to walk backward for a week, and you won’t be able to turn them around.”

“Harry, that was threat almost worthy of a Slytherin.”

“Well, I guess you’ve rubbed off on me. What can I say?”

“Harry, you have the best ideas. Why don’t we forget the riding lesson and go home to bed?”

“I thought you wanted to take me riding. So far, I know how to get on.”

“You also know how to get off. Quite well.”

“Draco, must you take everything I say and turn it around to something sex-related?&rdquo

“Yes, I must. You’re too adorable when I make you blush.”
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