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Title: Domestic Bliss

Author: [personal profile] bleedingangel84 

Beta: None

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: PG

Warnings: Sexual Suggestion, mentions of drinking

Word Count: 365

Written for: [community profile] hogwarts365  Prompt 197-1 “I take care of my flowers and my cats. And enjoy food. And that’s living.”—Ursula Andress; Picture Prompt; Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction created for fun and no profit has been made.

Notes: Just a random sappy little something with Harry, Draco, and cats. I sort of like this one, so I hope readers do as well. Written as a belated birthday gift to [personal profile] enchanted_jae . I hope the rest of your birthday month is wonderful, and I am so sorry this is late!

Summary: Pansy learns why Draco likes to stay in.

“Peanut! Butter! Oh, for goodness sakes— get out of there!”

“Leave it to your cats to use a polystyrene box as bedding, Potter.”

“Meanwhile, Clarissa is just over there grooming herself.”

“Yes, well, my girl has some class.”

“I can’t believe you are sitting inside talking about cats. Merlin, Draco when did you get so dull? You need to learn to live a little.”

“I take care of my garden and my cats. And enjoy food. That is living.”

“Moving in with Potter certain has domesticated you.”

Draco smiled widely, contented. “Why would I want to go out? Everything I want is here.”

“That is so sappy it’s sickening.”

“You’re just jealous, Pansy. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone.”

“Are you sure I can’t talk you into going to Madam Malkin’s with me? My old robes are positively tattered.”

“Why don’t you stay? Harry and I were going to brunch at a new place today. I can help you pick new robes after.”

“Oh, why not? Maybe one of the servers will be passably good-looking. And if not, I can always drown my sorrows in mimosas.”

“Ah, that’s the spirit. There’s nothing like sharing a good meal with people you love.”

“All that fine food may begin to get to you, darling. You may want to slow down a bit.”

“Draco is perfect just as he is, Pansy.”

“Yes I am, and Harry makes sure I get plenty of exercise, don’t you love? He’s wicked in the sack.”

“Draco, that’s private!” Harry exclaimed, flushing a vivid pink.

“Well, that explains a lot. Now I see why you’ve been so content to stay in. And Potter is rather adorable when he blushes, I must say.”

Harry groaned, feeling his face get hot. “If the two of you are done, could we please go now?”

“Shouldn’t you do something about the cats?”

“We have charms up to protect the furniture and the cats.”

“You just let them roam around like that? My mother would faint if we had an animal inside.”

“Pansy, you don’t own a cat. Humans merely exist to do the cat’s bidding.”

“I suppose that makes things rather interesting around here.”

“You’ve no idea.”
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