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I was watching a YouTube video posted by Chris Crocker this morning. Anyone who watches his videos or has heard of him knows: HE. IS. GAY!  And I happen to find him adorable, too, but that's not the point I want to make with this entry. Every video of his I watch, there is always some comment calling him a faggot or a homo. Ditto with Tyler Oakley, who is so mega-cute and funny he should come with his own warning label. I am so not into homophobia.  Hell, reading slash is one of favorite pastimes ever, and Harry/Draco is my OTP.

My rant is about how extremely ignorant it is is to use those words as insults when someone acknowledges their homosexuality. It's all I can do not to tell those stupid insulting asshats to get better material. Hello, yes, these people know their own orientation, and by choosing to insult them in such a way, those who participate in that behavior are merely showing their own limited intellectual capabilities. There is nothing original in saying those things. Such terms are merely a derogatory method of restating what the people you insult freely admit to. For heaven's sake, would it kill them to employ a dictionary or thesaurus? Homophobia on its own is a blasphemy to me, but the sheer and utter lack of originality present in homophobes somehow makes it hurt worse.

I consider myself of open orientation. I also come from a family that is in many ways very homophobic. Now, don't get me wrong. I love my family, but the homophobic, racist garbage is what I can't stand. and a lot of it is just as unoriginal tripe. Sometimes I have to stop myself screaming: "God, save me, I'm related to judgmental homophobes!"  I suppose it's quite a talent to be both boring and hurtful, but somehow this particular subset of people manage that rather well. Sad to say that my relatives, whom I love, have something in common with the net trollers I can't stand, but it's the truth. Not only is it boring, but it leaves me wanting to hide even more. Homophobia sucks. Love is love, no matter what. God bless anyone who doesn't agree, because obviously their brains malfunctioned somewhere. That is all. Please leave those of us with working brains alone, or at least find insults that are more creative, because the ones you use lack entertainment value. *Snort*
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Why, oh why, could I not have been born a gay man? Tyler is too funny for words, and frickin' adorable. He sort of reminds me of Steve Sandvoss when he was in Latter Days.
I've spent the better part of two days watching Tyler's videos and laughing my ass off. My stomach was literally hurting from laughing so hard. Check him out on YouTube.

Love him or hate him, he's a force of nature. Totally worth watching.
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His voice makes me think of soft, sweet rain
That falls slow against my skin.

The taste of hope now lingers in the air I breathe,
so heavy it almost hurts.

I pray that I never lose this feeling, as I tumble-
Much too quickly-into the land of half-formed dreams.
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You told me when I was young
That perfect love casts out fear.

Then you told me
That fear of the Lord
was a sign of righteousness.

And now you wonder why I am confused?
What's the truth?
Is God Love or is He fear?
Is He even a He?

I don't want to be afraid anymore.
I call Him LOVE.
Don't feed me your hypocrisy.
We are all worthy human beings.


I wrote this one because I struggle with the beliefs I have learned growing up. I question them all the time, and the more I question, the less sense some parts make. I can't be open with my family in real life, so I thought I'd throw this out there.
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Title: Right There With You
Author: bleedingangel84
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Summary: Harry has a nightmare. Draco is there to comfort him. Disclaimer: Characters belong to J. K. Rowling and related copyright holders. I am merely borrowing them. Don't sue.
Warnings: This is short, somewhat angsty fluff that deals with religious themes. There is also crude language in certain areas. I mean no offense to anyone.
Notes: This was my first completed attempt at Harry/Draco slash. I haven't worked up to explicit erotic material, but I hope to one day. Feedback/criticism is totally welcome. Enjoy!  This is also at Adult Fan Fiction under my penname, vampirekisses. That's me, so this isn't stolen.

Flangsty fic under the cut... )


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